Distress to Rest

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Distress to Rest - means entering God's REST

Whether we are dealing with obvious distress or hidden distress, the pathway into God's rest requires to go through "zero".

To go through "zero" means to change direction. Passing through "zero" means to submit to God, repent, leave the OLD behind and receive the NEW. Then and only then the pathway opens to enter His Rest, to enter the realm of peace and joy. This is the foundation to be able to recognize what the divine calling is all about.   

Obvious Distress

refers to an obvious need, such as

  • Sickness and disease
  • Financial problems
  • Relationship problems, problems in the marriage, with kids
  • Job situation, clientele, the boss, co-workers
Hidden Distress

From the outside everything may look fine,
but inwardly one feels empty, something is lacking ...
There is some kind of awareness of not living to the potential possible:
You may say: "I am  not living what God has designed me for.
I am not living my Divine calling"


Help to get from distress to rest


Most often we need help to get out of the old and move on, help to make that step of change necessary, and to get out of Distress -

Unless we grasp the hand of help stretched out to us, the chances are that noting will happen.

Unless we change something in our life the  change desperately need will not occur.

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