Coaching & Training is Offered as

Group-Coaching or

1 to 1, on request



Dr. Dorothee J.M. Burkhard, Expert Coach
+49 7243 5115140

You are in the right place here if you are looking for:

  • a spirit-filled Christian that loves the Lord and is excited about Him, full of joy and easy-going
  • assistance based on a strong biblical background
  • a sharp, spiritual and crystal-clear and practical advice
  • non-religious but “scientific,” straight-forward approach
  • someone who experienced numerous trials and challenges

Your Concerns could be that you

  • are frustrated with life and the way things are going
  • want to know about your calling and purpose of life
  • are desperate for answers to specific questions
  • want to live a faith life but somehow you do not know how

These and other questions I faced at a certain point in my life. God trained me to find the answer so that I may now help you. You are privileged  to take the straight path, avoiding the pitfalls I “discovered". Some of them and the outcome are in the book: "When God is Calling You, How a scientist got out of distress into His rest".

Based on my own experiences I can say with certainty:

  • There is a clear and precise answer for YOU
  • To know and live it will satisfy your innermost being
  • You will live your life filled with joy, knowing that what you do and live has value not on Earth only but even for your eternity