We find DELIVERANCE to Liberty in FOUR Stages  – Four Different Situations, sometimes, they come all together, as shown here (from Luke 4: 18)

ThBroke Hearte first promise Jesus gives is to heal the brokenhearted – A broken heart is vulnerable, little or no energy, everything is a major effort. Someone with a broken heart is often not able to appreciate any goods offered. A broken heart represents incompleteness, weakness …




Once the broken heart is healed, the person may still be in a prison: The promise is: Freedom to the prisoners

Freedom to the Captive




Blind Man

Once out of prison, most of the time, sight and vision is lacking. The promise: Recovering of Sight to the blind!

Searching Man






Equipped with sight and vision, we want to move on and fulfill the calling!  But at that stage, the oppressor is coming along!  The promise: “Liberty to the oppressed!”

free to preach the gospel
With this liberty, we jump on our calling: To preach the gospel to the poor.