How to Manage Transition

Manage transition like a Caterpillar to Butterfly  Are you in Transition?
  Are you fighting the daily challenges?
  Would you like to know what Transition is all about?
  Do you want to manage Your Transition?


Transition embraces the change of


What is Transition

How to Behave in Transition

How to Step Beyond Trantion


Take the example of a caterpillar:
When it is transitioning to be a butterfly,
it changes identity,
but is is also a change of ability
and it is a change of environment.

It all starts when we feel uncomfortable in our skin.
We realize something has to change in your life
Something is going on,
similar to what happens with the butterfly.

During a period of a major transition,

Two things may happen:

We are either thinking that we missed out in the past
“Why am I confronted with all these new things now?”

Or, it could be that we want to stick to the old.
In which case we are not really aware that something new is coming,
which is based on internal fight

THREE Steps need to be considered:

# ONE:

Admit: Yes, I am in a transition,
this is timely, it is good, it is very good!
You are at a perfect time and you‚ and at the perfect place

All this introduces a change of assignment.
How does it feel to be in transition?

What had happened to me was, I realized,
concepts, strategies I was used to:
they did not work anymore!
Although I  knew THE WORD is true
It did not work the way I was used to.

And why?
This is the point
The Lord is preparing us, drawing us
into greater intimacy

He calls us to be closer to Him
To get a better revelation about Him
A better revelation about God

  • A deeper revelation about the Father
  • A deeper revelation about Jesus
  • A deeper revelation about the Holy Spirit

That we grow and walk differently,
based on this deeper intimacy.
When we are closer to Him,
it will give birth of new revelation
If this resonates with you,
you are in the process to be transformed,
to be transported into new dimensions.
Into a a new spiritual realm.

butterfly released


Say YES to that process
Without expectation, you might miss it
So I ask everyone
To be in agreement with all that God wants to do
to be in agreement with His process,
with loving kindness
He is expressing towards you in this very moment.

This message is specifically for women!


Because women are the secret weapon of the Lord!

Psalm 68:1

The Lord has given the command:

The women who proclaim the good tiding are a great host:
Kings of armies flee, they flee,
and she who remains at home will divide the spoil.
The women proclaim the good tidings are a great host:
So, the Lord is preparing women right now!

The preparation occurs in a secret place
because once the trumpeters sound,
He will get them out,
and they will do the job he has prepared them for.
It is like chess: the Lord has some figures standing, without moved
And when the right moment is coming,
He moves a certain figure,
And the devil is set checkmated.
Please do not have any doubt about this process you are in
God is taking you on a fast track!
He is the one who has called you into service
Do not allow any negative thought to develop in you

- About the process

- about people,

- about anything else ...


Appreciate the process, enjoy it
Speak good things about yourself
You are designed to handle this very well
And everyone can do it
Do not speak against it
Be patient, be patient with yourself, with the process -
With in actuality means: Accept God' pace.

Let us go deeper:

and learn from the Example: ISRAEL

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(based on a transcript of a Tele-Seminar at KingdomBuildersAcademy  on 11-11-2016

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