When God is Calling You

I am for you
I want to help you

That is what the book is about:

When God is Calling You

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I learned about God’s calling early in my life,
but I did not understand.

Then I heared it, I understood it, I experienced it, I was filled with the Holy Spirit ….

and yet:

  • When I was about forty, there was this nagging question:
  • Is this all?
  • Is there not more to life?
  • Didn’t I have once another vision?
  • In fact, is there any difference between me and a Non-Christian?

I was desperate for a solution,
and it all started with a life-threatening situation
which is even symbolic for our life in general.

This book reports not just testimonies,
but processes, processes God had chosen to train me.

And the reader is directly involved in these processes
to experience God’s calling and purpose.

  • How to listen to His answers,
    if everything seem to be stuck?
  • Where is my healing?
  • How do I access divine provision?

Even more, each process happens to be an allegoy, a parable,
and everyone will find his life or situations reflected.
To help recognizing the general meaning, the essence and general outcome is summarized and shown on bold letters.

If you want to refresh your experience of the loving-kindness of your God,
that enables you to have a more intense relationship with Him,
and to avoid any compromise:


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